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Before you call that expensive Barrister, Union, Solicitor, or Christchurch Employment Lawyer, call us. We have experienced Employment Advocates with excellent win results and knowledge about unfair dismissals in Christchurch. Employers and employees call us first when you are needing legal advice on any employment issue. We provide advice on unfair dismissals, personal grievances, and any other employment issues you may be facing.

We are the premier employment advocates in Christchurch and NZ, IR Thompson provides employment law advice NZ wide without the large costs that big law firms charge. You can count on us to provide speedy resolution to your employment problem without the need to employ an expensive Christchurch employment lawyer at huge rates. We offer a free consultation to provide advice if you have a case or personal grievance. We provide employment advice on employment agreements, personal grievances, unfair dismissal’s, sexual harassment, bullying, stress at work, restructuring, redundancy, trial periods and disciplinary meetings.

Ask yourself, do you need legal advice on employment law in Christchurch? What is an unfair dismissal?

We can fix your employment problem or give employment law advice on:

  • Dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Personal grievances
  • Employment contracts/employment agreements
  • Employers and employees
  • Legal aid providers
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Redundancy compensation

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I.R Employment Law

We are a family-run business and promise to deliver prompt and effective advice.
We understand the emotions of employment-related problems and the stress you are experiencing. We will guide you through the difficult times… you can count on us.

We are members of The Employment Law Institute of New Zealand. ELINZ regulates how Employment Law professionals perform. As a member, you can trust that we comply with professional standards and ELINZ code of conduct. ELINZ Code of Conduct – ELINZ – The Employment Law Institute of NZ

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Redundancy Law

Times are tough, but an employer can’t simply hand a letter to an employee, or text or email them to terminate their employment. Redundancy Law in NZ is complicated so call us.

An employer must follow a process that is legal and fair. If you have been dismissed because of redundancy, or if you need to make employees redundant, call us first. 

I.R Employment Law - Redundancy

Are you seeking advice on redundancy law, redundancy pay, employment contracts, free legal advice in Christchurch, or employment law advice? You can count on us to give you specialist employment law advice in a speedy and professional manner. Redundancy law in NZ is complicated and needs good advocacy from people you can trust and that care. Ask yourself are you wanting an expensive Barrister, high charging Solicitor, or Christchurch Employment Lawyer from some large firm that doesn’t care about your wants and needs. We have been supplying employment law advice to employees and employers for decades in Christchurch.

We care and we are trusted, call us 03 383 9988. We are located at 28 Travis Road Burwood with lots of parking. Robert Thompson Director.

We help in Christchurch with Unfair Dismissal claims, unfair redundancy dismissals or employment law advice in Christchurch. When you ring us for evidence of billing or obtaining instructions calls are recorded.

Wrongful Dismissals (unfair dismissals)

If you have been dismissed you may have recourse against your former employer. An employer must have a fair and valid reason to dismiss an employee. An employer is also required to follow a fair and reasonable process. Prior to a dismissal an investigation must take place. As part of the disciplinary process, an employee must be given prior notice of a meeting where they can give their side of the story.

An employee must receive prior notification of the allegations, possible outcomes, and the fact that they are entitled to be represented. Failure to follow this process will be unfair. If you think you have been unfairly dismissal call us today.


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