Employee Rights

Do you think you have been unfairly dismissed?  Unsurprisingly as an employee, you are entitled to fair treatment and a safe and healthy work place. It’s recommended that you browse this site for information about unfair dismissal and your employment rights. But if you can’t find what you need about employee rights, unfair dismissal, unfair warnings, trial periods, employment agreement or just have a question contact us for your free consultation.

I R Thompson provide legal advice on everything employment law related. This information can be of use if you are going through employment disputes NZ-wide. Please contact I R Thompson for further advice and if needed, we offer a first meeting free to discuss if you have a case.

What we can offer legal advice on unfair dismissals and:

  • 90 day trial periods
  • Casual employees
  • Disadvantage disciplinary process
  • Employment agreements
  • Employment court
  • Employment policies
  • Unfair dismissal claims.
  • Restructuring serious misconduct
  • Termination of employment unjustified dismissal

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