Exit Negotiations

Sometimes the best way to resolve an employment relationship problem between the employer and employee is to negotiate terms of departure. We can assist you in reaching a final settlement with your employer or employee.

Sometimes employment relationships just don’t work. We can help you with any exit arrangement. We work for the employer or employee in these matters.

What is an Exit Package or Negotiated Exit?

This is an agreement that the employee will resign on certain terms and conditions, normally in return for a payment or benefits.  The agreed terms will be recorded in a ‘Settlement agreement’ which both parties sign. The exit package is confidential and will include your terms and conditions that are agreed upon, it removes the employee’s ability to raise a personal grievance.

What are the benefits?

It’s important that exits are handled well by employers.  Some benefits of a proper negotiated exit include:

  • The exit is cleaner, faster and easier than going down a stressful discplinary process.
  • The work environment remains positive by exiting unhappy employees in a professional manner.
  • The employee’s reputation remains in tact.

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