Employer Information

I R Thompson Associates have an excellent reputation for helping employers with issues relating to employment relations NZ wide.
We don’t charge outrageous fees and we provide common-sense advice. Lets all remember Employers need help.

It should be noted that we work for employers and employees which does give us an advantage in understanding both perspectives. Employers, don’t get it wrong, call us first. However, in all cases of a grievance from a former or current employee you should be represented by an experienced Barrister, Union, Solicitor, Employment Lawyer or Employment Advocate to obtain the best result. Of course, as Employment Advocate’s we strongly recommend that you use our services due to our experience and employment law knowledge.

Personal Grievances (Employers)

The best way to deal with personal grievances from employees is to avoid them in the first place. Here at I R Thompson we can provide you tailored advice and Human Resources services if you wish to take certain actions against employees, such as termination, to ensure that you meet all of the legal requirements. Spending money now on professional employment advice can save you money in the future as some personal grievances can cost you upwards of $50,000. Contact us to ensure you are doing everything correctly to avoid personal grievances in the future.

We can also assist you if you have had an employee raise a personal grievance against your company. Having a representative in these situations is vital to ensure that employees and their lawyers aren’t just trying to extort you. We can provide you advice on whether or not they have a valid grievance and help you defend any grievances. This includes providing advice on whether the matter should be settled early to avoid costs, all the way up to representing you in the employment court if the employee genuinely doesn’t have a grievance against you.

Personal grievances can be stressful, particularly for small business who believed they were doing the right thing when terminating an employee. We can ease this stress for you and help you ensure that your rights as an employer are met, as it relates to employees and ex-employees.

We suggest contacting us when you are planning on taking any actions against an employee to ensure you are acting within your, and your employees’ rights. This will eliminate any potential grievances as much as possible and we can eventually help you defend the

Need an investigator in New Zealand?

Investigations by employers are becoming more and more important, if you an employer has received a complaint of bullying or sexually harassing an investigation is required.

If so, you should consider engaging an independent investigator to sort out the issue in an efficient and cost-effective way. Robert Thompson is certified as a workplace investigator and has conducted numerous investigations. Robert is a private investigator.

If you have a matter you need to be investigated, Robert will first have a discussion with you to get a preliminary understanding of the issue. Robert can estimate the cost and discuss that with you.

Employment investigations for employers

Investigations by employers are becoming more and more important, if you an employer has received a complaint of bullying or sexually harassing an investigation is required.

When a staff member has made a complaint, and this doesn’t have to be a formal complaint, it’s time to consider bringing in an independent workplace investigator. When choosing an independent workplace investigator, you want the reassurance that your legal position is being looked after by a specialist in workplace investigations who has experience with your particular matter.

Having the right investigator with the right experience can mean the difference in someone making your experience painless or making an absolute mess of the situation. Robert Thompsonis a certified investigator and will handle the matter formally and with all of the proper due care.

Robert Thompson will give you a likely cost and what steps need to be taken. Robert will start the process and finish it with a report.

Robert Thompson has a clear knowledge of employment law, pragmatic approach and attention to detail in this area of the law. These situations are usually highly emotional and very difficult for all parties affected. You will find Robert to be an objective, respected employment investigator who is familiar with the relevant employment legislation requirements. So now what…Contact Robert, ask questions and he will guide you through the process. Robert Thompson works both here in New Zealand and in Australia.

Robert Thompson is an employment law fixer for employers. He is direct and very experienced.

Employment Minefield for Employers

Employers under the current legislation need to be extremely careful in dealing with employees in regard to issues such as applying the correct redundancy process NZ currently operates under.

Without doubt an employer will come across problems with employees. This page can assist employers with general concerns you may have however it is strongly recommended that you contact us to check your position. If you fail to warn or dismiss an employee correctly and go into an employment tribunal NZ has in place unprepared, it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and lots of time and energy.

Employment Law Training for Employers

I R Thompson Associates can offer to provide tailor training for your company on any employment-related topic. This training is provided by Robert Thompson and can include topics such as:

  • Employment Law for Beginners
  • he Disciplinary Process
  • Avoiding Personal Grievances
  • Employment Agreements
  • Holidays Act 2003
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Independent investigations into workplace bullying
  • Personal grievance claims

Wage & Time Records

For a free document on wage and time records we recommend that you go to the Department of Labour website. This information is not a substitute for legal advice and we recommend that you visit or call before acting on material you have read.

The employers rights, the employers obligations and the employers duties will be challenged. Therefore the employer should be prepared to defend the things that the employer has worked hard to gain through hard work. Employers we are here for you.